Hardware and Software Solutions


Hospital Meal Delivery System

Software and hardware solution

An automated meal delivery system for hospitals is a technology-driven solution designed to efficiently and accurately deliver meals to patients in healthcare facilities. The system typically involves a combination of software and hardware, such as tablets, touchscreens, and meal carts, that automate the entire meal delivery process from ordering to delivery.

Patients can place their meal orders through a user-friendly interface, which takes into account their dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences. The system then transmits the order to the hospital kitchen, where chefs prepare the meals according to the specifications provided. 


CRM for Pharmacies

Software solution

SoftwA CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for pharmacies is a software solution designed to help pharmacists manage their interactions and relationships with patients. The system typically includes a range of features, such as patient profiles, medication history, and appointment scheduling, that enable pharmacists to provide personalized and efficient care to their patients.

With a CRM system, pharmacists can store and access patient information, such as medical history, allergies, and current medications, in a centralized database. This helps to prevent medication errors and ensure that patients receive the right medications at the right time.are and hardware solution


Self-Service Car Wash

Hardware and Software solution

A self-service car wash is a type of hardware solution that enables car owners to wash and clean their own vehicles using a set of automated machines and tools. These car wash facilities typically consist of several bays, each equipped with a high-pressure water sprayer, soap dispenser, wax applicator, and vacuum cleaner.

Car owners can use these machines and tools to wash their cars on their own, without the need for a professional car wash service. The self-service car wash allows customers to choose the type of wash they need, depending on the level of cleaning required, and pay for the service using cash or credit card.